This workshop aims to document and explore the diverse aspects of visible and invisible disabilities, chronic pain and chronic illness in both documentary and performative ways. The setting is carefully designed with care to be inclusive, emphasizing safety and supportiveness for all participants. Through a combination of writing exercises, group discussions, and practice in Disability poetics, Crip poetry, and other relevant strategies, participants are encouraged to delve into their personal experiences using the written word as a medium.
Regardless of whether one’s disability is visible or invisible, explicit or intertwined with other challenges, the workshop provides a nurturing environment where individuals can write about their experiences and perspectives. We will find solace in connecting with others in the room who have also encountered the unique obstacles and strengths associated with living with a disability. The “Invis-Ability” workshop welcomes both seasoned writers and those who are relatively new to writing.

Workshop description crafted with the creative aid of Stefan BrĂ¼n.

Dates: Six Mondays starting September

Times: 3-5 PM CT

Cost: $200 for the six week series.

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Sliding Scale: I have a critique of capitalism and socioeconomic inequity. If your income has suffered because of Covid, capitalism, racism, sexism, disability, transgenerational poverty or other forms of economic oppression, if you are a full-time student, if you are a starving artist, or if you work with refugees, let me know and we will work something out. If you can pay more and would like to subsidize someone who cannot afford to come that is also welcome.e.